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At-Home Activities and Behavior Guides

For ages 1 month to 6 years

Use the age-based handouts below to support your child’s early learning in play and daily routines.

Some activities will fit with your child’s interests right now, and some your child will want to try later. Start with the easy ones. The other activities let you know the kinds of things your child may soon be ready to try.

  • Make copies to hang up on the refrigerator, in the bath or play areas.
  • Cut out activities and post in the kitchen, family room or play area.
  • Cut out and glue onto note cards to share with babysitters or caregivers.
  • Save them into your phone, tablet or computer for easy reference.

Find Activities by Child Age (PDFs)

Click on the age for a preview of the activity or click the icon to download the pdf.

See Behavior Guides by Child Age (PDFs)